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Nov. 10th, 2005 @ 02:34 am I lack lots of things...
For some reason I cannot sleep for the third night in a row. I must've messed with karma as Earl would say. I really don't know what I did to deserve it...well maybe there was this one thing:

Girl asking me to buy raffle tickets at Bulls game: Hi would you like to buy a raffle ticket for the 50/50 lottery...the donations go to charity and you have a chance to win over 3000 dollars and feel good about yourself for donating to charity.

Me: I actually feel pretty good about myself right now.

Girl: Really? You honestly wouldn't feel better about yourself by donating to charity?

Me: Nope. Everything is perfect.

Girl: (notices me attempting to order food) You could buy an awful lot of food with that money.

Me: Or you could just lower the prices. 4 dollars for a hot dog?

I stick to my story though. They never told me what charity I was giving to. I like to know where my dinero is going. Just like the homeless guy who asked me for money but I gave him some Little Debbies instead.

Bulls won, but they sure are boring to watch in person. Good thing the tix were only 20 bucks for very good seats. Amen Ebay, I shall sacrifice 10 llamas to you each morning until the Day of the Sacred Cow. Oh shit i just realized that I was supposed to read something for class. Oh well too late now as the Piped Piper once said.
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