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Aug. 9th, 2006 @ 05:43 pm Just fucking around
So today I am sitting here, on my last day in Ecuador, and decided what the hell, I am going to write some shit here on this spanish computer with all of its crazy ass keys.

51 days in a foreign country. All and all a pretty good experience. There were a few pitfalls along the way (sickness one of the many) but in the end I finished what I set out to do and should have a good amount of data to begin my senior thesis when I return.

If I ever get broke ass poor, I think Ecuador is the place to go. You can live for 10 bucks a day no problem (including housing)...hell my apartment costs 1.5 times that by itself, let alone the cost of food...and the work ethic here is amazingly bad, so I would fit right in...and foreign companies down here like hiring gringos because they are much better suited to their needs....so if I ever have to flee the states, hello Ecuador.

Well it is time to go eat my last meal in Ecuador and then head to the airport. Ciao.
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Jan. 17th, 2006 @ 09:14 pm (no subject)
Y'all know I don't write rhymes...I write checks."

If I was a girl and my last name was Cox, I would not be very happy.

I have come to the conclusion that Theodore Roosevelt was one of the biggest assholes in the world. Ever.

I have been playing an awful lot of basketball lately, which is probably a good thing for my general health.

This one time I almost killed a man. He was attempting to eat my tacos.
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Nov. 10th, 2005 @ 02:34 am I lack lots of things...
For some reason I cannot sleep for the third night in a row. I must've messed with karma as Earl would say. I really don't know what I did to deserve it...well maybe there was this one thing:

Girl asking me to buy raffle tickets at Bulls game: Hi would you like to buy a raffle ticket for the 50/50 lottery...the donations go to charity and you have a chance to win over 3000 dollars and feel good about yourself for donating to charity.

Me: I actually feel pretty good about myself right now.

Girl: Really? You honestly wouldn't feel better about yourself by donating to charity?

Me: Nope. Everything is perfect.

Girl: (notices me attempting to order food) You could buy an awful lot of food with that money.

Me: Or you could just lower the prices. 4 dollars for a hot dog?

I stick to my story though. They never told me what charity I was giving to. I like to know where my dinero is going. Just like the homeless guy who asked me for money but I gave him some Little Debbies instead.

Bulls won, but they sure are boring to watch in person. Good thing the tix were only 20 bucks for very good seats. Amen Ebay, I shall sacrifice 10 llamas to you each morning until the Day of the Sacred Cow. Oh shit i just realized that I was supposed to read something for class. Oh well too late now as the Piped Piper once said.
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Oct. 28th, 2005 @ 10:59 pm Netflix
So this Netflix bit is pretty nice...15 dollars a month for unlimited movies...so far so good.

Life is a little wishy-washy right now. Wax on wax off.

Halloween! Trick-or-treat, except in Evanston.

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Oct. 19th, 2005 @ 11:57 pm (no subject)
So...get me the beat boys and free my soul...I wanna get lost in the rock n'roll and drift away.

50 Cent's movie is about to come out..and I have the great feeling that it is going to fall flat on its slab of concrete. So the question is...will people just think this is an "8 Mile" ripoff and forget about it, or will some people start talking about how Eminem's movie was only popular because he is white? I can hardly wait for the debate...unlike Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Can't Hardly Wait." I can't hardly wait for that movie to be burned alive.

Ok..I had not looked up at the TV for like half an hour...but when I did there was a guy laying in a bathtub oozing blood. That does wonders for your sleep. Gotta love HBO.

I am leaving the town of Evanston to see Melissa this weekend...f'ing right bitches.

Tim broke my bike and leaves dishes all over the place...afdhjajkfdjajfla;jlfjkdal;dfkad so annoying.

In the name of the streets...Ridge Avenue and Leonard Place I be representin', no need to kick your teeth in, as long as you realize, who gets all the eyes of dimes. Ha i am so dumb. WC and the Ghetto Heisman have a lot on me.

RED STRIPE...Teaching me how to dance!
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Oct. 12th, 2005 @ 07:31 pm (no subject)
Copy this, and then take out my X's and fill them in with the appropriate response according to you. Then Repost! and reply to me if you read this!

You are
[] really short under 5'2! And dang proud of it!!
[] 5'2 -5'6"
[] in between 5'7" - 6'0
[x] tall - 6 foot 2 is not tall; Brian and Tim are both taller than me.

[] blonde
[] redhead (Auburn)
[x] brown - brunette is a girlish term, and while I do have a girlish figure, I am not one.
[] dirty blonde/brownish
[] dark brown
[] black

[] blue-eyed
[] brown-eyed
[] green-eyed
[x] hazel eyed
[] gold/gray-eyed
[] silver/gray- eyed

[x] glasses
[x] contacts

[x] short hair - right now :(
[] med.
[] long hair

Your favorite color(s) are?
[] red
[] khaki
[] pink
[] hot pink
[] yellow
[] black
[] lime green
[x] blue
[] white
[] silver
[] purple
[] brown
[] orange
[] grey
[] maroon
[] clear seeing through things is cool!
[] anything bright
[] anything loud and obnoxious

Some sports/physical things you have done in your life? (outside of PE!)
[x] soccer
[] cheerleading
[] dancing
[] lacrosse
[] field hockey
[] hockey
[x] football
[x] softball
[] ice skating
[] wrestling
[] gymnastics-
[] track/cross country
[x] basketball
[] baseball
[x] golf
[x] hiking
[] kayaking
[x] camping
[] horseback riding
[x] tennis
[] raquetball
[x] volleyball
[] martial arts
[x] archery
[] rugby
[x] ultimate frisbee-
[] surfing and skim boarding
[x] swimming
[] bmx
[] snowboarding
[x] skiing
[] wakeboarding
[] skateboarding

Your personality is sometimes...
[] talkative
[x] shy
[x] funny
[] serious
[] bubbly
[] spazzy
[] fun loving
[x] laid back
[] strict
[] hyper
[x] weird
[] ditzy
[x] sarcastic
[] slow..at times

The music you like is?
[x] classic rock
[x] rap
[x] alternative
[] rock
[] pop
[?] country
[x] r&b
[x] slow jams
[] christian
[] classical
[] techno
[x] oldies
[] punk
[] hardcore
[] reggae
[] emo
[] screamo
[] latin
[] noise
[] 80's
[] reggaeton
[] dancehall
[x] hip hop
[] 60's-70's

The pets you have had?
[] cat
[x] dog
[] lizard
[] rat
[] ferret
[] bunny
[x] fish
[] ducks
[] chickens
[] rooster
[] horse
[] bird
[] frog
[] hermit crab
[] prarie dog
[] none
[] turtle
[x] hamster
[] snake
[x] gerbil...I will always hate those evil people who killed my gerbils.
[] guinea pig
[] goats
[] chinchilla
[] tarantula
[] squirrel
[] grasshopper
[] turkey
[] geese
[] vermicious kinid

Clothes you like to wear are?
[x] tshirts
[x] sweatshirts
[x] sneakers
[x] jeans
[] flip-flops
[] sweatpants
[] ball caps
[x] boxers
[] briefs
[] shorts
[x] anything fancy

Clothing Brands you like?
[] Delia*s
[] American Eagle
[] Hollister
[] Abercrombie & Fitch
[] Target
[] Wal-mart
[] Wet Seal
[] Billabong
[] O'neil
[] PacSun
[] Aeropostale
[] Hot Topic
[] Dickies
[] Anchor Blue
[] Guess
[] Forever 21
[] Lucky
[] Champs
[x] Nike
[x] Salvation army/goodwill
[x] Don't give a shit what brand
[x] old navy
[] only name brand
[] Carhart
[] Kohl's
[] Steve & Berry's
[x] Ralph Lauren

I honestly have not bought clothes in a long ass time.

Shoe Brands?
[] Nike
[x] Adidas
[] K Swiss
[] Steve Madden
[] Vans
[] Etnies
[] Globe
[x] Converse
[] Saucony
[] Cathy Jean
[x] if i like something ill buy it no matter what brand
[] Pete Brand
[] New Balance
[] LEI
[] Payless
[] Puma
[] Ascics
[x] Clarks!

States I have been to.
[] Alabama
[] Alaska
[] Arizona
[] Arkansas
[x] California
[] Colorado
[x] Connecticut
[x] Delaware
[] Florida
[] Georgia
[] Hawaii
[] Idaho
[x] Illinois
[x] Indiana
[x] Iowa
[x] Kansas
[x] Kentucky
[] Louisianna
[] Maine
[x] Maryland
[x] Massachusetts
[x] Michigan
[x] Minnesota
[] Mississippi
[x] Missouri
[x] Montana
[x] Nebraska
[x] Nevada
[] New Hampshire
[x] New Jersey
[] New Mexico
[x] New York
[x] North Carolina
[x] North Dakota
[x] Ohio
[] Oklahoma
[x] Oregon
[x] Pennsylvania
[x] Rhode Island
[] South Carolina
[x] South Dakota
[] Tennessee
[x] Utah
[] Vermont
[x] Virginia
[x] Washington
[x] West Virginia
[x] Wisconsin
[x] Wyoming
[x] Washington D.C.
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Sep. 26th, 2005 @ 10:53 pm (no subject)
So this entry is a long time coming.

I am 21! Hip hop hooray! I must admit, I do enjoy being able to sit down after class and work are done for the day and have a good brew. However, I have not been able to go buck wild because of my meds, which is quite unfortunate. But hopefully I will not need to be on them for too long and then I can rip it up a little bit.

Classes started on Tuesday, without much fanfare. I always feel like I could be doing more, even though I may not necessarily want to do more. It really is quite unfortunate I feel. My classes all seem to mesh nicely together, and it appears that I will be done with this quarter pretty early since I have only one final during finals week.

Melissa spent this weekend with me, which was awfully nice of her. I am just so down in the dumps, I am probably not a whole lot of fun to be around. So it goes Kurt Vonnegut once said.

Well, best wishes to all and I hope to be in a better mood!

Dirty Pop
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Aug. 16th, 2005 @ 06:28 pm (no subject)
sick of being sick. do not feel like doing anything. blah. I did change my photo though thanks to my gal pal.
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Aug. 1st, 2005 @ 04:02 am (no subject)
Boo infections of the epidydemis or something like that.
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Jul. 18th, 2005 @ 01:39 am (no subject)
Who needs sleep well you're never gonna get it. Who needs sleep tell me what's that for?

I really do not want to have to resort to the Trazidone again. Nope. Not happenin.

God I need Jamba Juice. Now. *looks at Jamba Juice website* Goddammnnnit Edina.
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